HARNN Heritage Spa

Boutique Spa

Da Nang
$80 - $300
  • Bamboo Therapy
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Phu Quoc Indulgence
  • Harnn heritage Spa
  • Global Spa of the Year 2017
  • World’s Best Luxury Spa Awards
  • World’s Best Luxury Spa Treatment

HARNN Heritage Spa is an exquisite sanctuary that seamlessly merges ancient healing traditions with luxurious spa experiences. Nestled in serene surroundings, this spa invites guests on a transformative journey, immersing them in a tapestry of cultural heritage and holistic well-being.

HARNN Heritage Spa is a testament to the art of wellness, where time-honored Asian therapies harmonize with contemporary luxury. From the moment you step into this tranquil haven, a sense of calmness embraces you, guiding you towards a state of deep relaxation.

Inspired by the wisdom of traditional Asian medicine, HARNN Heritage Spa offers a diverse range of treatments that encompass the healing power of nature. Immerse yourself in their signature rituals, which may include therapeutic massages, nourishing body wraps, rejuvenating facials, and revitalizing scrubs. Each treatment is meticulously curated to balance the mind, body, and spirit, leaving you feeling renewed and restored.

HARNN Heritage Spa goes beyond mere relaxation, seeking to educate and immerse guests in the rich cultural heritage of Asia. Traditional ingredients, ancient techniques, and intricate details are woven seamlessly into the spa experience, creating a profound sense of connection and appreciation for the region's legacy.

HARNN Heritage Spa beckons guests to discover a realm of tranquility, cultural immersion, and holistic rejuvenation, creating an unforgettable spa journey.

Bai Truong, Duong To, Phu Quoc Kien Giang, Vietnam.

Massage with Therapist

Relaxing and Tranquil

HARNN Heritage Spa invites you to experience a realm of peaceful bliss amidst cultural serenity. Nestled in a tranquil setting, this spa offers an oasis of relaxation where you can unwind and rejuvenate your senses. From the moment you enter, a sense of tranquility embraces you, transporting you to a world of pure bliss. HARNN Heritage Spa's expert therapists combine ancient Asian traditions with luxurious treatments, ensuring a transformative and serene experience. Indulge in therapeutic massages, revitalizing facials, and rejuvenating body rituals, each carefully designed to promote deep relaxation and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance and let the cares of the world fade away as you embrace peaceful bliss at HARNN Heritage Spa.


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