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Nomination Phase:

The voting procedure for Spa Awards begins with a nomination phase. During this phase, spa owners, managers, industry professionals, or even customers are invited to nominate spas in their respective categories through the official Spa Awards website. Nominations typically require providing relevant information about the nominated spa, including its offerings, services, amenities, testimonials, and any additional supporting documentation that showcases excellence in the respective category.

Internal Evaluation:

Once the nominations are received, the Spa Awards team conducts an internal evaluation process. This evaluation involves a thorough review and assessment of the nominated spas based on the criteria established for each award category. The internal evaluation may include scrutinizing the provided information, conducting research, and considering the reputation and industry standing of the nominated spas.

Selection of Finalists:

After the internal evaluation, the Spa Awards team selects a shortlist of finalists for each award category. The selection is based on the spa's adherence to the criteria, their overall excellence, innovation, service quality, and other relevant factors. The number of finalists may vary depending on the category and the number of qualified nominees.

Voting Process:

Once the finalists are determined, the voting process begins. The voting procedure typically consists of two components: the judging panel's votes and the public's votes.

a. Judging Panel Votes: Spa Awards appoints a distinguished panel of industry experts, professionals, and influencers to serve as the judging panel. This panel possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the spa and wellness industry. They carefully review the information provided about the finalists and cast their votes based on the established criteria for each award category. The judging panel's votes carry significant weight in determining the winners.

b. Public Votes: In certain award categories, Spa Awards may incorporate a public voting component. This allows spa enthusiasts, customers, and the general public to participate in the voting process and have their voices heard. The public can visit the Spa Awards website or a designated platform to cast their votes for their favorite spas among the finalists. The public votes are considered alongside the judging panel's votes to determine the winners.

Tabulation and Final Decision:

Once the voting phase concludes, the votes are tabulated and verified. The judging panel's votes and the public votes, if applicable, are taken into account. The tabulation process ensures fairness and transparency in determining the winners. The finalists with the highest combined scores from the judging panel and public votes, if applicable, are declared as the winners in their respective award categories.

Winner Announcement:

Finally, Spa Awards announces the winners in a public ceremony or through their official channels, such as their website and social media platforms. The winners are recognized for their exceptional achievements, commitment to excellence, and their contributions to the spa industry. The winners receive the prestigious Spa Awards and may be granted additional benefits, such as increased visibility, media coverage, and industry recognition.

It is important to note that the voting procedure may vary slightly depending on the specific award category and any updates or modifications made by Spa Awards to ensure the integrity and credibility of the awards.


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