Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La

Boutique Spa

  • Reflexology
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies
  • Signature Massages
  • Traveller Review Award –, 2023
  • #2 Best Business Hotel in Manila – Business Traveller Asia Pacific Awards, 2022
  • #5 Best City Hotel in the Philippines – Travel + Leisure Asia’s Best Award, 2022
  • Travellers’ Choice Award – Tripadvisor, 2022

CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La is a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation nestled within the prestigious Shangri-La hotels and resorts. With its serene ambiance and luxurious facilities, CHI offers a holistic approach to well-being, drawing inspiration from ancient healing traditions and contemporary spa therapies.

Step into a world of relaxation as you enter CHI's elegant and serene environment. The spa combines Eastern philosophies with Western techniques to create a unique and transformative experience for guests. Highly skilled therapists provide personalized treatments that cater to individual needs, ensuring a blissful and rejuvenating experience.

CHI offers a wide range of treatments that encompass various modalities, including massages, facials, body scrubs, and wraps. From traditional techniques to modern therapies, each treatment is designed to restore balance, promote deep relaxation, and enhance overall wellness.

Immerse yourself in the healing power of touch as skilled hands work their magic, melting away tension and stress. Indulge in the soothing aromas of essential oils and let the gentle music lull you into a state of tranquility.

Beyond the treatments, CHI, The Spa offers additional wellness amenities such as steam rooms, saunas, and relaxation lounges. Guests are invited to unwind and savor moments of blissful tranquility.

Whether you seek a rejuvenating massage, a revitalizing facial, or a pampering spa package, CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La provides a sanctuary where you can escape the pressures of daily life and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Surrender yourself to the nurturing hands of the therapists and emerge feeling restored, balanced, and at peace.


Experience the epitome of peacefulness and bliss at CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La. Step into a world of serenity as you enter the elegant and tranquil environment of this luxurious spa. Indulge in a holistic approach to well-being that combines ancient healing traditions with modern techniques. Skilled therapists provide personalized treatments that cater to your unique needs, ensuring a truly blissful experience. From soothing massages to rejuvenating facials, each treatment is designed to restore harmony, promote relaxation, and enhance your overall well-being. Immerse yourself in the calming ambiance, soothing scents, and gentle music as you let go of stress and embrace a sense of inner peace. CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La is your sanctuary of tranquility, where you can escape the demands of daily life and find ultimate rejuvenation.


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